Research Interests

Broadly, my interests lie in design of experiments to facilitate sequential decision-making in the context of health and medicine. More specifically, I am interested in methods in clinical trial design which allow for the construction of effective dynamic treatment regimes which are useful in making clinical decisions.

Currently, my focus is on design and analysis methods for micro-randomized trials in the setting of mobile health. At the moment, the majority of my work involves data management and analysis for HeartSteps, a micro-randomized trial seeking to investigate the effects of providing contextually-aware suggestions on physical activity levels in sedentary adults.

My previous work largely focused on sample size calculation for sequential, multiple-assignment, randomized trials (SMARTs) with a binary outcome. To this end, I created an online sample size calculator for use by clinicians, a beta version of which is available here.


Doctor of Philosophy, Statistics (In Progress)

Expected 2020, University of Michigan
Reached Candidacy December 2018 Thesis Proposal
Passed Qualifying Exams May 2016

Master of Arts, Statistics

2018, University of Michigan

Master of Science, Biostatistics

2015, University of Michigan

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

2013, University of Notre Dame